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Background of Chaos;Head

This series focuses on a high school student, Takumi Nishijou, who suffers from paranoia and delusions; towing the line of being hikikomori. His living mostly spent habituated inside a cargo container atop a building in Shibuya, Tokyo. Our shut-in of a protagonist very seldom attends the bare minimum of school, biding his time in otaku fanfare and online gaming. After a gaming session and notified of incoming messages from his user-friend Grim; peculiarly, he learns about two events of 'New Generation Madness,' a phenomena of which he knows little about. That was when his sister came. After his sister left, he notices incoming messages coming from his other user friend Shogun, that was giving him loads of image links regarding to New Generation Madness. He was shocked to see one of the images as his mouse accidentally dropped. Then later one night when he was returning from @Cafe, he heard clanking sounds of metal hitting against something along the alley. After finding out the source of the sounds, he saw something most shocking in his life.


Characters from left to right: Yua Kusunoki, Ayase Kishimoto, Nanami Nishijou, Takumi Nishijou, Rimi Sakihata, Seira Orgel, Kozue Orihara, Sena Aoi.

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