Nanami Nishijou
Kanji: 西條 七海
Romaji: Nishijō Nanami
Others: None
Gender: Female
Height: 152cm
Weight: 42kg
Occupation: Student
Status: Alive
Debut (Manga):
Debut (Anime):
Appears in: Manga, Anime, Game
Japanese Voice: Ui Miyazaki
English Voice: Brittney Karbowski


Nanami is a short petite high school freshman girl. She's always seen in her school uniform with her school crest, bow, and wears a plaid skirt just like all the other females in her school, her hair is blond/yellow (chest-length), and wears a black or red hairband. She has purple eyes.


Unlike her brother Takumi, Nanami is very kind, open and outgoing, such as being involved in the school's extracurricular activities like tennis. Nanami is shown to care a lot about her older brother, often looking out for his well-being, and even trying to get him out of his secluded lifestyle, but despite their arguing and his somewhat rather cold treatment towards her, she still cares for him regardless.

She's shown to be quite bratty, such as whining when Takumi would rather be in his room than spend time with her, often leaving her to go home upset.


Trivia Edit

  • Though she is the little sister to the delusion and real Takumi, She would be older than the delusion version of Takumi.
  • She is very fond of her bracelet as the delusion version of Takumi gave it her as her first present from her brother.
  • She may just insult Takumi to just get him outside and have a normal life.
  • She is the owner of a D Sword, Notably resembling a cross almost like the first murder Takumi sees.
  • Her birthday is on September 26th.
  • Her zodiac sign is Libra.