Takumi Nishijou
Kanji: 西條 拓巳
Romaji: Nishijō Takumi
Others: Taku, Takkii, Jap, Douchebag
Gender: Male
Height: 170cm
Weight: 54kg
Occupation: Student
Status: Alive
Deceased (If you played the visual novel and got the bad end)
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Debut (Anime): Episode 1
Appears in: Manga, Anime, Visual Novel
Japanese Voice: Hiroyuki Yoshino
English Voice: Todd Haberkorn

Takumi Nishijou(タクミ・ニシジョウ, Nishijō Takumi) is the main protagonist of Chaos;Head. He is second-year high school student that lives like a hikikomori in a metal container and spends most of his time playing games. He has an delusion of Seira Orgel most of the time.


Takumi has long, spiky blue hair and medium-sized, downward facing hazel eyes. He has a long and lankey build with pale skin, most likely the result from spending most of his time indoors. Takumi also tires frequently because of his lack of exercise.

He is usually dressed in his school uniform (a tan jacket with blue-green plaid pants), but can also be seen wearing a plain blue T-shirt and jeans.


Takumi is a shy, quiet person, and usually does not talk during school unless someone addresses him first. Takumi has an obsession with video games and the anime "Blood Tune", for which many call him an "otaku". Takumi often suffers from "delusions," which are imaginary images that appear realistic, yet never actually happen.

Most of Takumi's delusions are either unpleasant or fairly erotic, Seira however is his most often occurring (and favorite) delusion. Seira usually appears whenever Takumi is on his computer, or in his bedroom in general. When Rimi Sakihata (his apparent best friend) held his newest Seira-tan figurine, Takumi stated "Get your hands off my wife!" this could also have been out of fear.

Because of his love of video games and anime, Takumi created a "minimal attendance chart" in order to spend more time at home. His attendance chart was the only one ever created at Suimei Academy, and for obvious reasons. Takumi is perhaps the only person in his school that does not care about academics, and as such, created the chart to ensure he received the minimal credits necessary to pass in his grade. He also has a distaste for "3-D girls", and would rather spend time with Seira than engage socially in the real world.



"A gaze falls from the sky."

"Those eyes are always watching me."

"The stare pierces through the thin clouds coated in pitch back."

"It pours down on me like the rain."

"-Dont look at me."

"And i Takumi Nishijou Likes Penises"

"And i like SMG4.."

"Fishy Boopkins stole my waifus.."